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Greetings!  My name is Margin, like the margin of a page, or of what’s possible.  My pronouns are they/them/theirs, and I am a student at Haverford College and a resident of Newtown, PA.  I strive to be a fusion of the very old and the very new, drawing from the cultural riches of times past while diving deep into what it means to be a human and a young person now, in this tumultuous world fevering in crises of climate, the coronavirus, political corruption, racism and other forms of systemic oppression and hate… 

I am a double-major in music and mathematics, two disciplines which are my tools in the fight for social justice.  I join together reason and emotion, driven at the core by not just a delight for symbols and sounds, but a deep love of human.  For science cannot thrive without spirit, and theory cannot breathe without action.

I am a philosopher and activist, a keyboardist and composer, a mathematician and poet, a language enthusiast, a psych abolitionist and youth liberationist, a child of immigrants from China, a vegan, a Quaker-interested Seeker, a delighted dancer, a novice plant-grower, a curious herbalist, a Leo on the cusp of Cancer, an Educator in a broad sense, a many-faceted soul at once bold and timid and dynamic…

As the playwright shapes a drama from a handful of characters, so do we from the pieces of the disintegrated self build up ever new groups, with ever new interplay and suspense, and new situations that are externally inexhaustible.  

(from Hermann Hesse’s The Steppenwolf, translated by Basil Creighton, Joseph Mileck, and Horst Frenz)

I am incomplete, a fickle-fleshed being, yet striving for whole.