Starting in August 2022, I am available for piano/keyboard gigs in the Philly area. Beyond solo performance, I have experience in choral accompanying, instrumental chamber music, and playing keyboard synth in musical pit orchestras. With my classical training as a point of departure, I am interested in a variety of genres and am skilled in learning music quickly and performing expressively. I especially enjoy the adventurousness of expectation-defying contemporary classical music. Here is my Piano Accompanists profile. Contact me (either through my contact form here or through Piano Accompanists) if you are interested in hiring me.

Stay tuned for an announcement about my senior thesis project!

I am a student keyboardist and composer, passionate about using music to serve and fight for social justice. My main instrument is piano, but I have also studied harpsichord and am interested in electronic keyboard. Here is a list of some recent compositions:

  • rainbow mirror upon the cooling box: A collection of poetry, composed from a small number of Magnetic Poetry magnets discovered in an old box belonging to the student residence Quaker House at Haverford College, set to sounds created in Ableton Live. An exploration of queerness, madness, and magic.
  • ”there’s a solemn strangeness to these times”, for violin-viola duo.
  • “when pneum is named”, written for Wildflower Composers 2020, for bassoon and fixed media. The score is a video that pans through a graphic I created that provides instructions and stimuli for the bassoonist to respond to. The bassoonist listens to the fixed media when performing and allows it to further guide their creativity. Here is a Haverford College article about my and another Haverford student’s experiences at YWCC!)
  • “When I see you cry” (art song for soprano and piano, using my own poem as the text). This song was featured on the podcast of World Beyond War in the episode ”Digging Deeper with Nicholson Baker, and a Song by Margin Zheng.”
  • “Song of America” (piece for two-part children’s choir with piano accompaniment). Premiere is forthcoming!
  • “Story in Si” (piano piece using extended techniques. This was my final project for my Translation Theory class and is a musical transformation of the Mandarin Chinese poem “Story of Shi Eating the Lions,” which when read aloud is a single phoneme (“shi”) repeated in different tones. There are many text-music correspondences, the most prominent of which is the translation of phoneme repetition into the usage of only the pitch-class G# (“si” in fixed-do solfege, which looks and sounds similar to “shi”)).

I am in the process of creating and uploading recordings of my compositions on SoundCloud. I also have a Youtube channel that serves as a portfolio of performances and compositions.

As my final project for the course Thinking About Music, taught by Richard Freedman, in the Fall 2021 semester, I wrote this web-essay: “Music, Sound, and the Environment.”

On April 20th, 2020, I performed a virtual concert on Zoom centering on the climate crisis. The concert was based on Lola Perrin’s Significantus and involved audience participation in breakout discussion groups and collective improvisation. It was sponsored by the E. Clyde Lutton 1966 Memorial Fund and the John B. Hurford ’60 Center for the Arts and Humanities at Haverford College. Read the concert description here and a reflective essay I wrote afterwards here. Below is the recording of the event: